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Termite Inspections Sunshine Coast

The purchase of a new property may be the biggest investment that an individual makes in a lifetime. With termites causing more damage to properties throughout Australia than fire, flood and cyclones put together it is critical that your investment decision is made with reliable information regarding Timber Pest Damage and or Infestation.

The Australian standard recommends that a termite inspection be carried out annually so as to limit the damage that can be done to a building that termites have infested.

A visual timber pest inspection carried out to the Australian Standard will report on Timber Pest Infestation that may include termites, borers and fungal decay [ wood rot ] and conditions that may be conducive to pests such as lack of ventilation, water leaks or poor drainage, timbers in contact with the soil, weep holes covered by garden beds or compost and any other conducive condition on and around the building. On completion of the inspection our technician will walk you around the site and explain his findings to the owner. A full written report will be issued and given to the owner either by mail or email.


Termite Treatments to AS3660

Termites are a serious problem here in Australia and you need to protect the biggest investment you may ever make…..your house. Termite damage is estimated to cost around 1 billion dollars annually in Australia which Household insurance does not cover. Termites may already be in your home, in which case you have to act now before they cause severe structural damage that’s very expensive to repair. There are quite a few cases where homeowners have had to walk away from their homes because termite damage has been so extensive. Homeowners usually don’t know they’re there until substantial damage has been done. They eat anything made from wood inside your home and may even damage electrical wiring and plasterboard walls, just leaving a paper thin layer of paint. Unfortunately by this time they are right through your home, no matter how your house is constructed. Even steel-framed houses are not immune to termite attack. The termites can still get in and destroy wooden roof trusses, furniture and wood trim such as architraves…. in fact anything made of wood in the house. Quite simply, termites come to your home looking for food. They get there by travelling through the ground from a nest that may be a hundred  metres away, and then they build mud tunnels into your house. They can squeeze through cracks the thickness of a piece of paper. A chemical barrier treats the soil around the perimeter of your house so if termites approach they cannot enter the structure due to the continuous barrier that has been installed around the building. Chemical barriers have differing life expectancies depending on the type of chemical used. Our technicians are very experienced and knowledgeable and will offer free quotes and advice on what is the best type of treatment that will protect your house from termite infestation.

Pre-construction Termite Barrier installation

We offer a full range of products to both builders and home owners who wish to protect new and existing buildings from termite infestation. Whether it is a new house or an addition we can protect the structure from termites. We can supply and install both chemical and chemical free systems to suit all situations.


Termite Interception and Baiting System

Your EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System is there to protect you from the invasion of termites, continually.

EXTERRA Stations are placed around your property to intercept termites. Once intercepted, REQUIEM™ Termite Bait is added to the large EXTERRA Station. The termites feed on the Requiem and the colony is eliminated easily and quickly, right at the point of termite attack.

The elite EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System, with its unique Termite Interception Zone encircling your home is THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around your home. This complete and continuous zone is created by using our patented Focus Termite Attractant™ in each Station so termites are intercepted before they reach your home.

EXTERRA is different. A truly safe, environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites, EXTERRA uses a termites' natural instincts against them, eliminating the attacking termite AND their whole colony. Even after the colony is eliminated, EXTERRA Stations guard your home using the natural power of CO2, monitoring for future invasions without the ongoing need to reapply chemicals. By using EXTERRA, you are establishing a long term, termite solution that's easy on both you and the environment.

This innovative, eco-friendly REQUIEM Termite Bait system uses a termite bait containing less than ¼ of a gram of an active ingredient – an ingredient which itself is less toxic than table salt! Rather than strong chemicals sprayed around your home, EXTERRA uses REQUIEM Termite Bait in a closed and locked station, ensuring it is kept securely away from your family, household pets and other animals. Lured by natural eucalypt timber interceptors – a termites’ preferred food source - the termites take the bait back to their nest, and the colony is eliminated.

EXTERRA focuses on total termite colony elimination without chemicals, guaranteeing the most effective results without harming the environment, meaning EXTERRA is safe for you, your family, pets and nature.


Exterra Termite Baiting system

Exterra Termite Baiting system

Pre-purchase Inspections

Buying your new home or investment property is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Termites cause over $1 billion damage across Australia annually with recent CSIRO studies indicating that as many as 1 in 3 Australian homes have termites active in their yard. How do you know you’re not buying a house full of termites?

At Suncoast Termite and Pest we provide you with a specialised pre purchase timber pest inspection service dedicated to new property purchases ensuring you don’t buy termites.

How does this service differ from a standard pest inspection? Pre purchase building inspections inspect and report on termites, borers and fungal decay [wood rot] according to Australian Standards 4349.3 Standard pest inspections only check and report on termites alone. Our pre purchase pest inspectors go above and beyond in inspecting all accessible areas on your property for termites, borers and fungal decay as well as checking for moisture in wet areas. They will identify and report on conditions conducive to timber pests to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge to purchase your next property with complete confidence before you part with your money.

Termite FAQs

  • How often should I have my home inspected for termites? +

    The Australian standard 3660 advises that buildings be inspected by a qualified termite inspector at least every 12 months. This enables active termites to be found and eliminated before intensive damage is done. In high risk areas or if there are conducive conditions these termite inspections need to be carried out more frequently. Out fully qualified termite technicians will advise on the frequency your building should be inspected depending on your individual situation.
  • What should I do before a Termite Inspection? +

    Whilst carrying out a termite inspection our technicians check all available timbers throughout the home. Some of these being skirting, door frames, window frames, roofing timbers. Areas that back onto showers and bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas. The more timbers and areas that we can access during the inspection, the more thorough the inspection will be.
  • Do you service all over the Sunshine Coast? +

    Yes, we do. We have fully trained termite technicians in all areas of the Sunshine Coast including, but not limited to: Pelican Waters, Golden beach, Caloundra, Little Mountain, Currimundi, Wurtulla, Bokarina, Warana, Birtinya, Parrearra, Kawana Island, Buddina, Minyama, Mountain Creek, Brightwater, Sippy Downs, Chancellor Park, Tanawha, Buderim, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Kuluin, Kunda Park, Diddillibah, Twin Waters, Mudjimba, Coolum, Yaroomba, Peregian Beach, Sunrise Beach, Noosa, Tewantin, Eumundi, Yandina, Nambour, Woombye, Eudlo, Glenview, Mooloolah Valley, Landsborough, Beerwah, Maleny, Montville, Flaxton, Mapleton, Dulong. There is always a Suncoast Termite & Pest technician close to your area.
  • Is Termidor environmentally responsible? +

    Termidor is one of the most thoroughly reviewed control products in history. Termidor is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and can only be applied by a pest control professional that has been trained in the correct application methods. Termidor is incredibly effective even at low application rates.
  • Do you provide pre-purchase inspections on homes and other properties? +

    Yes, arranging a pre-purchase termite & pest inspection is a crucial part of buying a new home or property as the current owners are not obliged to disclose if there is a pest problem. The purchase of a home is often the biggest investment you will make so it is important that you know this investment has not been damaged by termites and know the risk of future infestation by them. A free no obligation termite management plan can be provided to the customer to prevent future termite attack if required.
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