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EXTERRA is different. A truly safe, environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites, EXTERRA uses a termites' natural instincts against them, eliminating the attacking termite AND their whole colony. Even after the colony is eliminated, EXTERRA Stations guard your home using the natural power of CO2, monitoring for future invasions without the ongoing need to reapply chemicals. By using EXTERRA, you are establishing a long term, termite solution that's easy on both you and the environment.

This innovative, eco-friendly REQUIEM Termite Bait system uses a termite bait containing less than ¼ of a gram of an active ingredient – an ingredient which itself is less toxic than table salt! Rather than strong chemicals sprayed around your home, EXTERRA uses REQUIEM Termite Bait in a closed and locked station, ensuring it is kept securely away from your family, household pets and other animals. Lured by natural eucalypt timber interceptors – a termites’ preferred food source - the termites take the bait back to their nest, and the colony is eliminated.
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Comprising of a Termite Detection Radar, Remote Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor, coupled with Data Storage and Reporting, the Termatrac T3i is the most advanced device in the world developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.

Termite risk areas are identified using the Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide and/or the built in Moisture Sensor. Termatrac's patented Termite Detection Radar is then used to accurately detect, confirm and track the presence of termites, plus precisely locate nests, mud-leads, and entry points to ensure a cost-efficient and effective treatment can be applied to only the areas required.


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Termguard Reticulation

The Termguard Reticulation Systems have been extensively tested and successfully used over the past two decades, and have been specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention systems.

Together with today’s environmentally acceptable termite control agents, Termguard’s termite reticulation systems have been the perfect partner to provide an effective replenishable barrier, yet minimise the total impact of the Environment.


Trithor Termite Protection

Trithor is a flexible termite management system that may be installed to perimeters, cold joints and in many difficult and complicated situations including multiple penetrations and step downs. Trithor is quickly installed and is completely concealed from view. The polymers used in Trithor are inedible to termites and, since Trithor also acts as a moisture barrier, it further reduces the attractiveness of a property to termites.

Trithor™ consists of a geotextile blanket impregnated with deltamethrin. Our unique Thermo-compression Technology™ then locks the deltamethrin into the blanket before it is laminated top and bottom with a rugged plastic membrane. This complex entrapment process ensures that the deltamethrin remains trapped within the inner blanket.

This means it is non-hazardous to anyone handling the product or who comes into contact with it. The control agent in Trithor, deltamethrin, is an insecticide that is modelled on the natural pyrethrins produced by the chrysanthemum daisy, nature’s own cure for insect problems. Consequently it is low in toxicity to warm-blooded animals, though deadly to termites and other insects. Better yet, deltamethrin both kills and strongly deters termites.
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Termidor has delivered unparalleled termite control since it was first introduced onto the Australian market in 2002. Termidor provides fast eliminaton of termites and is a highly effective, long term residual termite treatment that when applied by a professional pest technician can protect your house for many years.

Thanks to Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect, termites don’t even need to ingest or contact Termidor in order to die from it. All they need to do is make contact with another termite that has already contacted or ingested Termidor. This is because termites that come into contact with Termidor collect it on their bodies. They then become carriers that spread Termidor to other termites and eventually back to the nest. Termites are social insects that live together in large colonies and feed and groom each other. The Transfer Effect makes most of this and it’s a key reason why no other termiticide performs as well as Termidor.
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The Novithor Pesticide Free Termite Protection System is a tested and approved termite protection system that creates an impenetrable barrier to prevent the ingress of subterranean termites.

The Novithor Pesticide Free Termite Protection System can be used during the construction phase, as well as post construction. Novithor creates an impregnable barrier that termites cannot chew through or damage, and that is resistant to their secretions. In fact, NOVITHOR Termite Proofing Resin and NOVITHOR Termite Proof Cementitious Parge are granite-like when set.

The Novithor System provides eco-friendly, cost effective and pesticide free protection from termites. Once applied, the NOVITHOR Pesticide Free Termite Protection System is not an eye sore on the completed structure; indeed the finished barrier is invisible to the naked eye.

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