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General Household Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

Our vast knowledge & experience allows us to provide the safest, most efficient & cost effective pest control treatments.

  • Cockroach droppings in your kitchen drawers? It's time for cockroach pest control!
  • Ants appearing around sugary residue in your pantry? Time to get the pest control done.
  • Annoying flies hanging around in the kitchen, even when the fly screens are shut?
  • Spider webs appearing, and needing red backs eradicated from your pool area? Our pest control service includes indoor and outdoor treatments.
  • Have a rat or mouse problem, particularly at your place of business? Don't let rodents destroy your business's reputation, call us today.
  • Noticed that your books and documents are being eaten away, you might have a silverfish infestation. It's time for pest control!

Contact us for a full range of pest control services, we cover the entire Sunshine Coast area from southern Caloundra to Noosa, and out to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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  • Cockroaches

    There are approximately 3500 different species of cockroaches worldwide. Of these, 428 reside in Australia. Cockroaches are supreme scavengers and have adapted to exploit the environments that humans live and work in. They eat stored foods and other materials and contaminate food and food handling areas with their droppings, cast skins, and organisms that they carry from contact with diseased goods that they have come into contact with. Some of these organisms can cause food poisoning, gastroenteritis, and dysentery.
  • Ants

    Ants are often classed as a nuisance pest. They leave unsightly mounds of soil along garden paths and tunnel mounds in the yard itself. At certain times of the year ants may swarm and can cover entire walls of homes. They leave mounds of soil like material [frass] that is the rubbish from their nests on window ledges and other parts of the home. Ants can also carry diseases.
  • Silverfish

    Silverfish have flattened bodies and most species are covered in tiny scales and have no wings. Being nocturnal silverfish mostly hide during the day in dark places, cracks and crevices in the skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. They are more active at night as they come out to feed. Silverfish can feed on books, paper and clothing, especially those that have starchy or animal fat glues in them.
  • Rodents

    The rodents that are of concern to home owners are rats and mice. These consist of the Norway rat, the Roof rat and the House mouse. All three are very adept at living in close proximately to humans. All through history they have been responsible for enormous losses of food and as they carry and transmit diseases they have caused a great loss of human life as well.
  • Spiders

    Most spiders are nocturnal and during the day are seldom seen unless they are disturbed. As the daylight fades they become more active as they leave their burrows and shelters to go out in search of food. Web spinning spiders will construct their webs at this time as well and use this to catch their prey. Some spider bites can cause illness and death, the well known Redback spider being one. Spider webs can quickly become an eyesore on the external and internal walls and crevices of homes if not regularly treated.
  • Flies

    House and bush flies not only annoy people but in large numbers can cause huge veterinary and public health issues as they have an enormous ability to carry and transmit disease. Some flies are pests of fruit and vegetable production while others can carry and transmit human and livestock diseases.

Pest Control FAQs

  • Are the pest control treatments you use safe for my family and pets? +

    Yes we only use pest control products approved by the Australian Pesticides and Medicines Veterinary Medicines Authority of Australia. They ensure all products have been thoroughly tested for safeness and effectiveness.
  • Do we need to leave the house during pest control treatment? +

    No. We use very low to no odourless products in our pest control treatments.
  • Do I need to take everything out of my cupboards prior to the pest control treatment? +

    No. There are products that we can use in your cupboards that do not require you to empty them.
  • Should I move furniture away from the walls? +

    The more areas that we can access the better job we can do. In most cases we can access enough areas to carry out a very thorough pest control treatment. If you have a very bad cockroach infestation for example then we would advise on the day what areas we needed further access to.
  • Do you give a guarantee? +

    Yes our services are covered by a warranty. Our fully trained pest control technicians will offer advice on how best to keep your home safe from all pests.
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