Signs Your House Needs Termite Treatment

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to pest control, but there are times when you do not need pest control, but rather a termite treatment.

Read through a few of these signs that your house may need a termite treatment on the Sunshine Coast to help identify when you need to call a professional.


You Can Hear Them


Yes, as gross as it sounds, if you put your ear to one of your beams or your walls, then you may be able to hear them chewing away at your woodwork.

Just be sure that you understand the noise they make because some people have mistaken the pipes in their heating system for the sound of termites. 


Flying Termites


Again, this is another area where mistaken identity comes into play.

Many people think they see flying ants and flying termites, when in-fact they are looking at one of many different species of insect.

Plus, just because you see a few flying termites doesn't mean you have them, they may be infesting nearby, but the evidence is building of a possible infestation. 


They Look Like White Ants


There are plenty of people who see these little munchers crawling around their floorboards and think they have white ants.

They start looking for common ant hiding spots, when really the problem is within the wood itself. 


Hollow Sounding Timber


This is the sort of thing you notice in sheds and barns after years of termite infestations. Nevertheless, it is an advanced symptom of termites.

There comes a time when the wood starts to wear away and it becomes thinner and more hollow. As a result, the wood also becomes weaker and you may be able to break it away by hand. 


Warped Doors and Misshapen Wood


Over the months, due to hot and cold weather, the wood in and out of your house starts to warp.

However, it warps a little more dramatically when it has termites chewing it apart.

You start to notice that doors become harder to open and that certain wooden frames do not fit as snugly as they did.


Try to Find Them First


If you think that you have found evidence of termites, then get in touch with us here at Suncoast Termite & Pest.

We can help you with quality termite treatments on the Sunshine Coast.