What Is the Best Time of Year for Pest Control?

Different pests are going to be most active during certain parts of the year.

There are many occasions where you may need to contact Suncoast Termite & Pest Control.

Here are our thoughts on when you should contact for pest control on the Sunshine Coast



Around autumn is a good time to think about pest control for creepy crawlies.

They are the sorts of creatures that enjoy wandering into your house when the weather is starting to turn.

Oddly, nearer the end of autumn is when you start seeing far less insect activity in your gardens, but far more of it starts entering your house.

This is also true of sheds, barns, and any other structure that keeps the harsher weather off the heads of insects and rodents. 



Rodents can often be found around the winter seasons when they start getting desperate for food and start following the smells coming from your house.

They are also attracted to the heat and activity, and they may find a small area in your house where they may call home.

If you have kids or pets, make sure you are picking up the bits of food and scraps that they leave around the house or kick under furniture. 



Nesting insects that enjoy hives and colonies will be kicking around during the summer months.

They may enter your house but are more likely to find a home in your garden. If you wish, you can have them removed.

There are a whole host of creatures that thrive during summer, but they can usually be kept away with things like good hygiene, and good house maintenance.

After all, something like un-lagged pipes is enough to attract creatures who drink the condensed water that drips from them. 



This is the time when things start hatching and reemerging. This is when you discover if part of your house or basement was the secret hiding place of sneaky animals and insects.

Your house has heat and food, and more importantly, has water (both fresh and standing). You may need pest control for everything from rats to roaches. 


Is There a Best Time?

Have you ever wondered why pest control on the Sunshine Coast is a booming business?

We are working year-round, and it brings up the question, is there actually a best time for pest control?

The answer is, probably not. Different people, different houses, and different areas are going to have different problems no matter what time of year.

Nevertheless, if you are having pest control issues, then get in touch with us here at Suncoast Termite & Pest Control for a quote for services now.