Serious Signs You Need Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

Obviously if you see a bug, mouse, or other pest in your house, you know that you could have a problem.

Sometimes, however, signs of a pest infestation are a little more subtle and knowing what to be on the lookout for means you can catch the problem before it gets out of hand.

When you need pest control on the Sunshine Coast, you need Suncoast Termite and Pest.

We are the experts in all kinds of pests as well as getting rid of them. Here are some signs you need to call us. 




Droppings are a sure sign you have a pest problem.

They might not be there where you see them, so make sure you look for them on a regular basis if you’re worried about an infestation.

They tend to build up in attics and crawl spaces, as well as around your hot water heater and other out of the way nooks and crannies.

If you notice that the droppings return after you clean them up, you probably need some help to remove the pests from your home. 


Unexplained Dirt and Grime


Homes get dirty, but if you are noticing dirt and grime building up for no obvious reason, some kind of pest might be to blame.

This might appear as greasy spots on the walls or it could be trails of dirt left behind and that come back even after you clean the area.

You might also see hair in the corners of your home. 


Fabric Damage


A sure sign you’re dealing with a pest problem is finding holes in the fabric throughout your home.

That includes holes in your upholstery and your clothing.

These holes could be due to insects, rats or moths and eliminating the pest is the only way to stop the problem from getting worse.

You might also notice scratch marks, stains, or bite marks on items around your home. 


Strange Sounds


Unexplained sounds are another indication that you have pests somewhere in your home.

Not only can they be hard to find, but you are probably nervous about the damage they’re causing until you find them.

These noises will become especially evident at night when the house is quiet and will likely emanate from the walls or storage areas in your home.

You might also hear them through open windows if they are making their home outside your house. 

If you have signs of a pest infestation, don’t wait to call Suncoast Termite and Pest. We’re the local experts for pest control on the Sunshine Coast so let us help you get rid of them today.