How To Prevent Weevil Infestation

When it comes to pantry infestations, one of the biggest pests in Australia is the grain weevil. Although they are tiny in size, they can inflict a lot of damage to your packaged goods, and can make you want to throw away everything in your cupboards.

In order to get rid of them, you might need to call in an exterminator to your Sunshine Coast home. Suncoast Termite and Pest can help you to avoid this problem by preventing them in the first place.


What are grain weevils?

Grain weevils are small insects that live on produce, including wheat, oats and other grains, as well as dried fruits, cereals and other packaged goods that you may have in your larder.

The weevils lay eggs inside kernels, and the larvae live upon the kernel for several months, until it emerges. This can happen multiple times over the course of a year, so with only a couple of grain weevils to start with, you could soon have a massive invasion on your hands.


Dispose of any contaminated produce

If you have been unlucky enough to have an infestation in your home, after the Suncoast Termite and Pest exterminators have gone, you should discard any remaining produce. You may wish to search for the original source of the contamination, or simply discard all packets and plastic containers in your kitchen cupboards.


Wipe down the cupboards

Remove everything from your pantry or kitchen, and clean it thoroughly. Vacuum the entire area, and then wipe away anything in any of the cupboards, shelves and surfaces. We recommend that you use cleaners such as vinegar, tea tree oil or lemon to clean all of the surfaces.


Freeze your produce

Whenever you buy anything from the store that could be infested including grains, pulses and cereals, put these into freezer bags, and placed them into the freezer for at least four days.


Store everything in airtight containers

In order to deter grain weevils, put everything into a tight containers, preferably made of glass. If you wish to deter them even more, include dried bay leaves in the container.


Get rid of existing problems

Before you can take any preventative action, you need to remove any current infestation. The best way to do this is to call on a professional exterminator in the Sunshine Coast area.

Suncoast Termite and Pest exterminators can assist you with a variety of insect problems, so get in touch with us today or call 07-5441-5040 now.